ADD/ADHD Assessment

Given that the problems of children with ADD/ADHD very often go beyond the disorder itself, any assessment of this condition should address not only primary ADD/ADHD symptoms, but also other aspects of the child's behavioral, emotional, and social functioning. Equally important is the need for gathering information about the child's parents and siblings, which provides a context for understanding how problem behaviors manifest. this information also often serves as a basis for determining how well parents and other caretakers will be able to implement treatment strategies.

Many other mental health issues can appear to be ADD/ADHD. Therefore, a clinical evaluation of ADD/ADHD must be comprehensive and multidimensional in nature, so as to capture its situational variability, its associated features, and its impact on home, school, and social functioning. this multi-method assessment of ADD/ADHD should include:

  • parent and child interviews
  • child self-report measures
  • continuous performance testing
  • parent- and teacher-completed child behavior rating scales
  • parent self-report measure

My ADD/ADHD Assessment takes about 1 1/2 hour and can be broken up into two 45 minute sessions, as well.

Insurance DOES NOT COVER the ADD/ADHD assessment. The cost of the assessment is $300. However, it will cover the cost of treatment. I provide treatment for ADD/ADHD. I also work with pediatricians and psychiatrist to provide ongoing assessment as to the effectiveness of medication for ADD/ADHD.