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Attachment Assessment

An Attachment Assessment is a special type of assessment that evaluates the nature and quality of a child's attachments to his or her primary care giver(s). It looks at the strengths and challenges of the caregiver. In addition, the attachment assessment looks at how well the child uses the caregiver as a secure base or safe haven. A developmental assessment is also included in my attachment assessment.

Many things can cause or contribute to a child developing attachment issues: no one responds or offers comfort when the child cries, the child is neglected or abused, the child is hospitalized or separated from its parents for a prolonged period of time. Additionally, parents who are emotionally unavailable due to illness, mental health problems, or substance abuse can also contribute to attachment issues in a child.

Insurance does not cover the cost of an attachment assessment. Depending upon the type and depth of an Attachment Assessment that is needed, the cost of an Attachment Assessment is from $500 to $1200. The attachment assessment takes about 1 to 5 sessions (45 minutes per session) to complete.